The Club at Prescott Lakes

"Where Friends Invite Friends"


Thank you for being a member at the Club at Prescott Lakes. We invite you to share the fun & excitement by issuing an invitation to your friends, family, or business associates to consider membership at the Club at Prescott Lakes.

CLICK HERE to submit your nominations and request a formal invitation be sent on your behalf. You may also contact our office directly at 928-443-3527 with your nominations to membership, or email them to Mishael Wells at . The Club at Prescott Lakes Board of Governors and Ambassador Council looks forward to welcoming your Guests.


Should you be interested in membership at Prescott Lakes, you can be sponsored by one of our current members of the Club. If you are new to our area, it will be our pleasure to introduce you to our Ambassador Council, who can assist you in becoming familiar with the Club. Please contact Mishael Wells, today at 928-443-3527 or email directly at to schedule a personal tour of the Club and visit about our membership opportunities.